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Raiders Taekwondo Club

Poomsae (Pattern)

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Chief Instructor: Koh Poh Ling Mdm
Chief Coach: Polo Teo Sir
Snr. Instructor: Eng Yong Sir
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Basic Stances illustrations

Basic Stances

Picture Form

Word Form

**New Poomsae for White Belt & Yellow-Tip (Official Handout)

White Belt New Poomsae

Yellow-Tip New Poomsae

Yellow Belt Poomsae - Taeguek 1, Il (U) Jang

Green-Tip Poomsae - Taeguek 2, E Jang

Green Belt Poomsae - Taeguek 3, Sum Jang

Blue-Tip Poomsae - Taeguek 4, Sa Jang

Blue Belt Poomsae - Taeguek 5, O Jang

Brown-Tip Poomsae - Taeguek 6, Yuk Jang

Brown Belt Poomsae - Taeguek 7, Chil Jang

Black-Tip Poomsae - Taeguek 8, Pal Jang

Black Belt 1st DAN - Koryo Poomsae

Video Form
Below Videos link are from YouTube, you may use it as your reference. For correct execution in some moves, pls verify with Mdm or Sir.
Colour Belt Poomsae:

BLack Belt Poomsae:
Koryo (1st Dan)
Keumgang (2nd Dan)
Taebaek (3rd Dan)
Pyongwon (4th Dan)
Sipjin (5th Dan)
Jitae (6th Dan)
Chonkwon (7th Dan)
Hansu (8th Dan)
Ilyeo (9th Dan)

Take Note!!!
Raiders going for Grading from Brown belt onward till Black-Belt, below are the required poomsae you need to know according to your current belt level:
Brown Belt - Taegeuk Chil-Jang
 plus one optional Poomsae (Sa-Jang to Yuk-Jang)

Black-Tip - Taekgeuk Pal-Jang
 plus one optional Poomsae (O-Jang to Chil-Jang)

1st Poom - Koryo
 plus two optional poomsae (Yuk-Jang to Pal-Jang)